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Exclusive: Wambete, Colleagues to Face Current UCA Board Over Alleged Fradulent Sale of Cooperatives’ Properties


The current leadership of the Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA) is in advance plans of writing to the former leadership, led by Nimrod Wambete the former Board Chairperson, his Secretary General Emmanuel Masikweli and other leaders who allegedly took part in fradulent sale of the UCA properties.

In the analysis we ran few weeks ago, Mr. Ivan Asiimwe, the current SG of UCA, while speaking to Daparrot on the sidelines of the 54th Annual General Meeting of UCA members accused the former leadership of squandering, stealing and fraudulently selling off the UCA properties which are worth trillions of shillings.

“The properties are too many, others we are just discovering them with the help of our lawyers from the Kampala Associates Advocates (KAA),” he said 

Asiimwe further said that the December 22, 1999 handover report that was given to Emmanuel Misimakweli the former SG by the then SG Charles Kabuga indicated that the latter had left UCA properties intact and untouched.

Ivan Asiimwe the Current Secretary General of the Uganda Cooperative Alliance speaking to reporters recently (Daparrot photo)

“But during my handover in 2017, I was given an unclear file, not until we discovered this Report that we swing in action and started Investigating and recovering some of these properties,” Asiimwe added.

“Over UCA 150 properties, majority being land was lost and several sold fraudulently,” he said

In response to Asiimwe’s allegations, Wambete, while speaking DaParrot in a one hour telephone interview said that the allegations were baseless.

“When I came in a the Chairperson of the UCA in 2010, I found plans to dispose off the Bugolobi property by the former AGM, and the proceeds of the land was to be used to develop the apartments in Naguru,” he said adding,

“The reason for disposing off the land was that Bugolobi was underdeveloped and the lease was running out. The Board was given authority and it was done through competitive bidding and Lam Enterprise because the highest bidder in 2010, the money was transferred to the UCA account and did what it was meant to do,” 

Nimrod Wambete the former Chairperson Board of the Uganda Cooperative Alliance (Courtesy photo)

Wambete further challenged the authorities to investigate their accounts in the banks,

“The allegations that there was Shs1Bn that was left on the account by Kabuga Charles are not true, as I said I am open to Investigations,” he said 

New Dev’ts

In the new developments however, Chrispus Muke Mubale the Public Relations Officer of UCA said that they are in advance plans to through their lawyers of KAA, write to the former leadership to come and explain.

“The 53rd AGM asked the current Board to investigate what exactly happened to the properties of UCA and after unearthing the truth, the recent 54th AGM recommended the summoning of individual personalities who sold the properties to come and explain who authorized them to sell them,” he said.

Chrispus Muke Mubale the Public Relations Officer of the Uganda Cooperative Alliance speaking to Journalists during the 54th UCA Annual General Meeting in Kampala (Daparrot Photo)

“The fact is that one can not sale the assets illegally without the resolution of the cooperators during the AGM. Now that the 54th AGM passed a resolution that those who instituted the sale of the assets of the cooperators be held individually for their actions,” he said 

In further response to Wambete’s statements where he pinned Asiimwe for hiding behind the current issues to run away from Investigations, Mubale said in a statement sent to DaParrot on Monday morning.

“The case Mr. Wambete is hiding under was dismissed four years ago. Court cleared all those allegations against the Board Chairman and the General Secretary. The matter being raised now which he (Mr. Wambette) is not responding to is” who authorized the sale of the assets,” he said.

A photo collage showing Wambete (l) and Asiimwe (Daparrot photo)

The Board Chairman, he said was elected legally and legitimately by the members during the AGM in the presence of Mr. Wambette.

“These are the concerns not discussing the issues of personalities,” he said 

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