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‘Every Ugandan Will Have Money in the First two Years of My Gov’t’ Joseph Kabuleta Launches NEED Political Party

Joseph Kabuleta the newly elected president of NEED party speaking to the Delegates at the delegates Conference at NEED Offices in Kampala

Joseph Kabuleta, the elected president of the newly formed  National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) has said that every Ugandan will be financially stable, in the first two years of his government.

Kabuleta says entire Uganda has the potential of transforming its people but a section of what he called ‘greedy’ people have assumed it all.

While unveiling the party on Monday at NEED Offices in Kampala,  Kabuleta said the party aims at encouraging Ugandans to demand and restore their lost property such as land and mineral deposits, and said he hoped to unite the fragmented opposition seeking to oust Yoweri Museveni, 77, who has been in power since 1986.

“Our first priority is the empowerment of all poor people who are dispensed all over the country. The empowerment we mean is to appeal to people’s ability, not hands-on,” he said

NEED which was transformed into a political party today started as a political pressure group has metamorphosed into a political party seeking to help bolster economic advocacy.

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He said his pressure group, needs to be entered into a partnership with the People’s United Movement (PUM) to form the new political party.

“So there was no point in me leaving People’s United Movement, which I’ve been a party to for the last two years to go and start another one and reinvent the wheel. So we decided we can just change this to fit.

The founders of the party had no problem with that because they share our ideology,” he said adding,

“And they believe that we stand for what they stand for. So they were absolutely comfortable with that and then they also know that NEED has been popularized around the country. Which the People’s United Movement hasn’t. So, we had what they didn’t have…..and they had what we did not have… the registration. So we united and now we are a party which is known across the country”.

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Kabuleta launched a scathing dig at President Museveni —accusing the long-time leader of attaching his name to national resources such as oil, gold, and iron ore and in the process unfairly pocketing their probably proceeds at the expense of the country.

“For instance, for the past few years, Uganda has been getting in excess of USD 1 billion worth of gold every year, but that money is not even reflected in the national budget as an income for the nation. Because one greedy man has been taking all the proceeds for himself and his family. $1 billion, not even reflected as an income in the budget. There are so many other extractions that are coming out of the soil,” he said.

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