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Enanga Warns Public on Criminals as Festive Season Jets In

SCP Fred Enanga the Police Spokesperson speaking to reporters yesterday

ASP Fred Enanga the Uganda Police spokesperson has cautioned the general public against criminals who take advantage of this festive month to scam, rob, and cheat their hard-earned income and commodities.

According to Enanga, this festive month of December attracts many activities like thanksgiving, shopping, holiday travels, wedding, and baptism parties amongst others and this is where criminals also become very active.

Enanga made these remarks at Police Headquarters in Kampala at the weekly security briefing on Monday.

The Police mouthpiece also noted that lately, they are receiving continued crime reports at their cybercrime desk of mostly people who have been corned while buying and selling commodities online and also those that fall prey to questionable deals from alleged sale agents plus get rich quick fraudsters. 

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“The general public should avoid some of the misleading online and social media scams with items of sale because their higher chances of getting counterfeit items that are much different from those advertised earlier” Enanga highlighted.

 Enanga also cautioned business persons to watch out for fake shipping scams and advised them to conduct sufficient due diligence because currently there is an increase in the number of notifications about shopping details from retailers and couriers.

Police also called upon parents to be more vigilant, especially during this long holiday period, and to also know that there are always perpetrators who will always want to harm the children.

Enanga made this call after a case of child stealing in Kireka a Kampala suburb was reported on the evening hours of November 27th when a stranger pretended to be asking children directions and eventually kidnapped one of them.

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On imposing the presidential new health directives, Enanga revealed that as Police they are still waiting for the Health Ministry guidelines to finally enforce the directives but they cautioned public events perpetrators to make sure that they put in place all health and safety precautions.

Learners will spend the whole month of December and January on holiday as per the Ministry of Education and Sports calendar and these are expected to return to their respective education centers in early February 2023.

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