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Emulate the Prophet’s Daughter, Muslim Women Told


Muslim women have been urged to emulate the lifestyle, pious and sincerity of lady Fatimah Zahra, the prophet’s daughter.

Muslim scholars urged women to live a simple and pious life and emulate Fatimah Zahra, the prophet’s daughter if they are to benefit in life and hereafter.

Fatimah Zahra is believed to be one of the most righteous women in the history of Isam, she died shortly after the death of his father.

During the remembrance of her Martyrdom Anniversary marked in Uganda at Kabuusu yesterday, different Muslim scholars said that current women emulate the prophet’s daughter.

She should be used as a role modal for our women, her life if copied by our women, the world will be a good place to live in,” Hassan Mayambala the Director Sabar Islamic Dawah Group said

She was not luxurious she lived a simple life, she was indeed a perfect being who was so kind, pious among others,” he added.

The commemoration was organized by the Uganda Shia Ithna Ashari Muslim Community.

She was an exemplary personality and leader of all women in this world and hereafter were the faithful. Women should take lessons and legacies from the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),” Issa Katungulu, the African Youth Ambassador said

Let women take Fatimah as their first role model, she had a very simplified marriage unlike now when people have to load Lories to marry, their marriage was simple, it was based on internal beauty,” he added.

Speaking at the function, Prof. Adam Sebyala said that Fatimah is a distinguished woman who has ever lived.

She was promised to be the next person from the household of the prophet to follow her father and it made her so happy and what made her sad is when she was informed that she will not heal till her death,” he said

He explained some of the nicknames of Lady Fatima and described their respective meanings to the audience as the perfect example and model to all women including Al-batul just like Lady Mariam.

Speaking about her marriage, he said that Fatima refused many men and only accepted Imam Ali (A.S) who was raised by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

While reciting the nikkah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that if Imam Ali was not there then the children of Fatima would be born without a father just like Prophet Issa (A.S).

Commenting on why Muslims remember such martyrs, Sebyala said that once we forget our martyrs then we shall bury their legacies and what they stood for then invite corruption and mischief in the community.

This is done to renew our spiritual growth and religious values not to go astray as per the teachings and doctrines of religion regardless of faith and boundaries,

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