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Eid Adhuha celebrations slated for Wednesday next week


Muslims across the globe will on Wednesday, June 28, observe the celebration of Eid Adhuha.

This is the second Eid on the Islamic calendar that is celebrated every 10th of the 12th month of the Islamic calendar dubbed Dhul Hijja.

A section of Muslims gather in Mecca, Saudi Arabia at least days before this day to fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam known as Hajji [pilgrimage].

In a press statement dated Sunday, June 18, Dr. Ziyad Lubanga, the Director of Sharia at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council [UMSC] said that the new crescent marking the commencement of Dhul Hijja, which marks the beginning of the Haj rituals appeared on Sunday

This, he said marks the commencement of the ten days of fasting for Dhul Hijja on Monday, June 19 [Today], which the prophet Muhammad (Peace He Upon Him), said are the best days of the year and attract huge rewards from the Almighty Allah.

“I encourage those who intend to slaughter animals on the feast of Eid Adhuha to observe all the relevant rituals until after the Eid prayers,” reads part of the statement

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