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DRC Govt freezes accounts of mining firm over failure to compensate five deceased people’s families

Makeshift mine collapses in the Nord-Kivu province following heavy rains in the eastern region photo courtesy

Provincial Governor Theo Ngwabije Kasi deplored ‘the tragic deaths of 5 people, most of them young

GOMA: Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have reportedly suspended the operations and froze their bank accounts of the Congo Business Solutions Services, a mining firm over the owners’ failure to compensate families of five people who died during mining operations on the 28th April, 2024.

Richard Yvon Tuema, one the Directors of the embattled company cannot carry out any transaction until he clears $150,000 he owes the families of the deceased

“The authorities have raised a red flag on the company until they compensate the deceased families otherwise no transaction / business,” said one of the highly placed officials at the firm who asked not to be named for security reasons.

“The Goma /Government Authorities want Congo Business Solutions Services to compensate the families, failure to do so, the government authorities will confiscate, shut down operations of Congo Business Solutions Services in the DRC and issue a warrant of arrest for the directors of the said company” the source added”

The said firm issued a ICGLR-1700871-2024 to one of its customers who has not received the goods paid up for.

The accused Richard Yvon Tuema, was unreachable for comment after his known phone numbers were off by press time.

The development comes six months after the DRC Authorities suspended licenses of 20 mining firms in one week.

Local media reported in September last year that the government Ministry of Mines had in a decree released on 29 August, forfeited the operating rights of several mining assets including cement plants and critical green mineral facilities producing cobalt and copper near the city of Lubumbashi.

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