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Dr. Patrick Bitature’s Loan Obligation is a Matter of National Importance that Should Be Discussed in Parliament


By Ben Ssebuguzi

The moral of the story is that we should not celebrate the challenges of our own struggling investors, but rather sympathize and commiserate with them or even give them support in form of bailouts.

Why can’t government improvise the covid-19 economic stimulus fund from the Development Bank to help such investors if we want to safeguard and promote more jobs for youths sincerely speaking, youth unemployment is reaching unprecedented levels.

My nugget is that it is very expensive to build a new company like Simba group with a 30th-anniversary track record and experience employing over 100 people given the high mortality of business in Uganda.

Few businesses in Uganda celebrate their 5 anniversary.

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Government can buy out the Simba group loans and the finance ministry gets shares on behalf of Ugandans if we are to circumvent this covid 19 monster if we are to attain development plans but if our parliament just looks on, unemployment will continue to escalate hence creating a big danger to our communities.

The writer is a budding economist and the Secretary-General of Uganda’s poor youth movement.

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