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CSOs want pregnant learners allowed in school beyond stipulated three months’ time


In 2020, the Ministry of Education and Sports drafted guidelines to help thousands of girls impregnated during the prolonged Covid-19 lockdown to stay in school and complete their studies.

According to one of the revised guidelines, the learner is expected to stop studying when she is three months pregnant and then be allowed to report back to school after six months of breastfeeding.

Meanwhile, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are demanding that child mothers should be given chance to stay in schools beyond the three months of pregnancy as recommended by the government.

CSOs argue that the period of one year and two months when the girl is out of school is too long and could retard their academic growth.

Anna Kukundakwe, the program officer Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) says that if the government is to achieve the education transition of the child mother, it should not limit the stay in school for the child-mothers who are willing to be in school while pregnant.

She also observes that denying education of the boy who is responsible for the pregnancy needs to be addressed by the government.

Abubaker Lwanga Musisi, the Executive Director Center for Education, Graduation Entrepreneurship and Empowerment (C4Gee) says that the guidelines should be clear on how the learners who will be sent home when they are three months pregnant can continue learning while at home.

However, Bishop Andrew Lugolobi, the Secretary-General of Born Again Faith observes that the Ministry of Education needs to work with the local governments and set up centers where pregnant learners should be housed while they continue learning.

Daniel Amanyire, the Assistant Programs Officer Gender Unit, Ministry of Education and Sports, however, notes that the ministry came up with the guidelines after realizing that girls require special attention when three months pregnant.

The CSOs also recommended that the government puts up shelters to accommodate learners who were impregnated by their relatives

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