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Couriers empowered on road Safety


Glovo, the leading multi-category app, has trained different couriers on maneuvering on busy roads while keeping their lives and that of other road users safe.

This was during the 3-day comprehensive road safety training which consisted of a series of events focused on the growth, development, and recognition of its couriers.

The initiative, themed ‘Courier Day’ which took place from June 18th to June 20th, included comprehensive training sessions, charitable activities, and a celebratory awards ceremony, underscoring Glovo’s commitment to empowering its couriers and giving back to the community.

Speaking to reporters after the training, Ivy Maingi, the General Manager of Glovo Uganda said that the initiative is timely because it comes at a time when Glovo is a pioneering multi-category app connecting users with businesses and couriers, offering on-demand services from local restaurants, grocers, supermarkets, and high-street retail stores.

Their vision, she said, is to give everyone easy access to everything within their city so that our users can enjoy what they want, when they want, where they want.

“At Glovo, we understand that couriers are integral to our operations. Without their dedication and hard work, we wouldn’t be able to provide the excellent service that fulfills our promise to our customers, she said.

This, she added, is why we are hosting the Courier Day initiative, a three-day comprehensive event designed to empower and equip them with lifelong skills. The initiative has different critical elements, focused on road safety, customer service, financial literacy, and giving back to the community

According to Miangi, the program kicked off with an essential road safety training conducted by Safeboda, aimed at equipping couriers with the knowledge and skills to navigate the roads safely.

Additionally, the couriers were provided an insightful customer service training session, to enhance their ability to deliver exceptional service to customers.

MTN Uganda facilitated a financial literacy session on Day 2, empowering couriers with valuable financial management skills.

“Value creation for our stakeholders, including couriers, is of upmost priority in Uganda. Our goal is to build a thriving ecosystem where couriers, partners, and customers all benefit from our innovative and tech-driven services. The training sessions provided over these three days are designed to ensure their safety, enhance their customer service skills, and improve their financial literacy,” she said.

Releatedly, the Co-founder of Safeboda Ricky Rapa Thomson said, “At Safeboda, we are proud to partner with Glovo to ensure the safety of couriers on the road. We are pleased to support Glovo couriers by providing them with the knowledge to navigate Kampala’s busy streets safely,” said Ricky Rapa Thomson, Co-founder of Safeboda.

As part of Glovo Cares, couriers visited the Neglected Child and Orphanage Foundation to make donations and spend time with the children.

Brendon Njoroge, Head of Operations for Glovo Uganda, said the initiative highlights Glovo’s commitment to making a positive impact on the communities it serves.

Another key highlight of the program was the launch of Glovo’s groundbreaking partnership with Zembo, Uganda’s leading electric motorcycle company.

The collaboration aims at reducing emissions and promote sustainable urban mobility. “By integrating Zembo’s electric motorbikes into our fleet, we are taking a significant step towards reducing emissions and promoting green transportation solutions,” said Maingi.

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