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Collective commitment & determination required to reduce inequalities-Amongi


Geneva: Hon. Amongi Betty Akena, the Minister of Gender, Labour, and Social Development, has called on World Leaders gathered in Geneva to refocus on the Aspirations of ILO crafted centuries ago, of putting people at the heart of Social Development.

“We must design policies to promote equal opportunities that guarantee the rights of each individual to pursue Development,” she said
She added that a more equitable and sustainable future should be the guiding principle of actions by governments around the world if the global community is to achieve Social Justice for all.

She made these remarks while delivering her Speech in Geneva, The High-level meeting at the World of Work Summit.

Amongi called on governments to focus on creating opportunities for women, youth, and other vulnerable groups through scaling up global financing for social protection, providing policies to attract enterprises to grow, skilling youth & women, and focusing on equal access to affordable Internet and digital literacy.

“Technological innovations provide amazing opportunities to bring more decent work, we should prioritize and finance creativity and digital innovations, Amongi asserted. Noting that in Uganda, many small and medium businesses are now operating online.

The High-level meeting at the World of Work Summit has been addressed by the President of Switzerland, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Malta, Sweden, the UN Secretary-General, the Director General of ILO, and many Heads of State are lined up to Speak, including H.E Ruto due to address the conference at tomorrow,

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