On 16% May 2024 along with a team from Mukono Land Office and Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development I made four locus visits to Mukono District.


Press Release on Mukono Locus Visit

My letter dated 9t May 2024 to the RDC Mukono District informed her of my visit and directed her “to ensure that all stakeholders are present and put all necessary arrangement to make the locus visits a success”. During my visit I could not make it to the Kamwanyi locus due to time limitation. The visits went in the following sequence;

(i) RDC office

My first stop over was a call to the RDC’s office where I and my entourage held discussions with the DISO.

(ii) Mpoma Locus —Kyaggwa Mukono

At this locus, I was accompanied by my team from the Lands Office and Mukono MZO. I was also joined by the Mukono DISO. We were met by the Local Leadership. In addition we were joined by one of the Petitioner Dr. Elizabeth Emuku, and the local population.

The issue for me to resolve was that Dr. Juventine Emuku and Dr. Elizabeth Emuku who are the proprietors of land known as Block 95 Plot 24 at Mpoma Kyaggwa, Mukono District had been denied occupancy of their land despite being in possession of court orders entitling them to being in quite enjoyment of their land.

I publicly reviewed their documents which included a vesting order, a High Court Judgment, and another court order.

I directed that Dr. Juventine Emuku and Elizabeth Emuku take physical possession of their land and that the RDC and the District Security Committee provide them with necessary security for them to enjoy quite possession of their land.

(iii) St. Luke’s Church of Uganda Kirangira grounds, Mukono Municipality

My next stop over was at St Luke’s Church Kirangira where an appeal had been made to me by a one Kasango Godfrey alleging that Rev. Kityo Rogers in the name of the Church had brought a grader and demolished his permanent house on the kibanja he occupies. That he had recorded criminal charges against the Rev. Kityo under MKNCRV NO. 379/2024 namely Malicious damage, criminal trespass and forceful entry. However police had not helped him.

This land dispute had been brought to my office earlier by commissioner RDC Secretariat Buganda Central Region Mr. Mbagadhi Frederick Nkayi vide his letter dated 9t September 2023 wherein he requested for my intervention.

There were other bibanja complainants with allegations or violations of their bibanja rights by the Rev. Kityo Rogers of St Luke’s Church Kirangira.

At the locus I directed as follows:-

(1) That the bibanja holders have constitutional guarantee to security of occupancy on the bibanja they occupy;

(2) That it is a criminal offence to interfere with the quite enjoyment of the kibanja holder of his kibanja ;

(3) That those who violet that right should be arrested and charged according to law;

(4) That Mr. Kasango, whose house Rev. Kityo had allegedly destroyed and the other bibanja complaints whose houses, plantations and crops had been destroyed to make way for construction of a Church building without even a court order, should put together a single petition and submit it to me by Wednesday 22″4 May 2024; Vision: “Sustainable Land Use, Land Tenure Security, Affordable, Decent Housing and Organized Urban Development”.

(5) That on receipt of that petition I would invite the Church of Uganda Mukono Discoes for a dialogue with a view to arrive at a win win position;

(6) That in the meantime status quo should be maintained but the private armed guards posted at the locus by Rev. Kityo should be disarmed and removed;

(iv) Nakoosi Village-Nakisunga Sub county

My next stop was at the Nakoosi Village locus.

The issue here involved a Mr. Stephen Bwete who had sold land belonging to the Bampadde family to a one Mr. Satya who bought well knowing that he was entering into a fraudulent transaction. The land at Nakoosi is known as Plot 150 Block 221 at Kakuba.

I directed that the transaction was fraudulent and that both Bwete and Satya should discuss with a view to arrive at a win win position with the Bampadde family. The discussion should be held over the next 30 days effective the date of my locus visit. Should the discussion end in failure, Mr. Bwete and Mr. Satya should vacate the property as they were trespassers.

(v) Luga Namukonkomi Estate

My next locus visit was at Namukonkomi Village where a Mr. Semujju Henry and Namata Sylvia had in their capacity as the administrators of the estate of the late Kityo Omusamba had complained to my office that their title comprised in mailo register volume 16 Foilo 7 final certificate No. 8819, 8820, 8821, Block 256 Kyagwe Land at Namukonkomi Measuring approximately 780.11 acres had been cancelled by some individuals in the Mukono land office (MZO) who had created a freehold certificate of title over the same subject land. The subsequent freehold certificate of title is FRV 2 Foilo 20 Luga Namukonkomi Village.

Regarding this matter I directed that in accordance with the Registration Title’s Act section 48 on priority of titles, the first title in time is entitled to priority in accordance to date of registration.

I accordingly directed that the freehold title created over the mailo title be cancelled.

(vi) Kimwanyi village

My last locus visit was supposed to be Kimwanyi village where the residents had petitioned me about being evicted from their bibanjas and property destroyed by the alleged mailo owner.

However my Luga Namukonkomi Village locus visit had ended at about 7:30 pm, it had gotten dark, and it was not possible to make that visit.

I accordingly sent a message to the people who have gathered, regretting my inability to make the locus visit, but promised them that I will make arrangement for another date.


I have however received information that after I left Mukono, there were unlawful demonstrations at St Luke’s Church Kirangira, that there was chaos and that people’s gardens and farms have been invaded by unruly crowds claiming that I had ordered the destruction of the Church building, the takeover of bibanja’s from landlords.

My information is that people’s plantations have been occupied by strangers, and that they are cutting and destroying people’s gardens, killing their animals and eating them on land whose locus I never visited and was never on my itinerary or meeting the parties regarding conflicts on that land.

I categorically deny that during my locus visit I ever directed anybody to take the law in their own hands. The law must take its course against those behind the reported chaos and those involved.

For God and My Country.

LDr. Sam Mayanja

Minister of State for Lands

This 20% day of May 2024

Vision: “Sustainable Land Use, Land Tenure Security, Affordable, Decent Housing and Organized Urban Development”.

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