Home News Byabakama attributes election violence to Unemployment, high cost living

Byabakama attributes election violence to Unemployment, high cost living


The chairperson of Electoral Commission Justice Simon Byabakama has attributed election violence to unemployment, high cost living

Byabakama says unemployment among youths coupled with increased prices of goods and the high cost of living has been attributed as the most contributor of the electoral violence during elections.

He disclosed in his message that was delivered by the director operations at the electoral commission, Mr Richard Kamugisha during the African Electoral Alliance (AEA) National wide civic engagement launch in Kampala.

He asserted that people use elections as the trigger to expose their anger against the authorities on what’s not going well in the country especially using the social media which he says has worsen the situation since it has continued to promote hate speech hence a need to be sensitive not to be lured into violence.

The EC Boss, according to Kamugisha said the AEA initiative of rolling out civic education throughout the country is being done at an appropriate time when the electoral commission has already launched its 5 year strategic plan and the 2025-26 electoral road map which will solve the continued complaints from the public and other stakeholders about the inadequate civic voter education among citizens.

The chief political commissar in the Uganda police senior commissioner of police Hadijah Namutebi appealed to youths to embrace their positive role to the society, put Uganda first, and avoid violence despite their political differences.

She emphasized that youths shouldn’t be suffocated but rather empowered about their rights during elections since it helps in resolving conflicts and building peace during elections and beyond.

Emily Akuro the executive secretary for the National Women Council noted that women are the most victims of electoral violence with quite unique challenges. She thus called for political tolerance and continued sensitization of women on their rights during elections.

The chairperson of the African Electoral Alliance national-wide civic engagement project corium Nkata noted that youths are at the center of violence since they make up 70% of the population.

He pointed out some of the key reasons why youths don’t engage in elections which included among others lack of knowledge on why they should engage in elections and a loss of hope for change.

Nkata disclosed that they are to move to various parts of the country engaging the youths on their role in elections and the dangers of engaging in violence during elections.

Over 100 youths from various universities engaged in Friday’s civic education about elections.

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