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Bugwere’s Best Dances “Namaddu Festival” slated for September


The Namadu festival, Bugwere’s biggest festival will take place on September 24 at the National Theatre.

The festival will see different Bagwere living in different parts of the country especially Kampala flock to the theatre to remind selves of the nicest dances

Through Namadu, Bagwere comes together to celebrate their rich history, identity, and uniqueness vested in their culture dance like Namadu, Kongo, Mulele, delicacies like Obwita, Bijjo, Mwogo, Nsuswa, Magira. Games like Nebel, Kakojo, and dress code exhibitions among others.

Societies are usually identified by their heritage. Typical African stories are identified by an abundant cultural heritage reason why culture should be preserved and valued at all costs.

Kimaru Foundation (KF) is a nonprofitable organization that was established to develop communities through the development of culture in Uganda.

The foundation is driven by the conviction that cultures if analyzed, are a resource and the basis for sustainable development. After an intensive survey.

KF has developed the project in order to reduce the poverty levels in our region by providing new sources of income for indigenous communities through cultural tourism, Societies are usually identified with their heritage. Typical African stories are identified by an abundant culture and that’s the reason why culture should be preserved and valued at all coasts.

After an extensive survey, KF decided to put emphasis on cultural tourism given the vast opportunity it presents. This Bagwere Namadu festival is aimed at celebrating the Bagwere culture and showcasing it as unique to the world.

The Bagwere occupies an area of 2,388.3 km in eastern Uganda, mostly in Budaka District, Pallisa District, and Kibuku District, Butebo District, where they make up over 80% of the population. They have the Bagisu, the Basoga, the Balamogi, the Iteso, the Banyole, and the Jopadhola (Badama) as their neighbors.

The city of Mbale is home to some Bagwere.

Bagwere are also found in the following towns in Eastern Uganda: Pallisa, Budaka, Kibuku, Kagumu, Kamonkoli, Kadama, Kabweri, Iki-Iki, Bulangira, Kaderuna, Tirinyi, Butebo, and Kakoro.

The Bagwere are said to have emigrated to their present area from Bunyoro and Toro, and traveled along Lake Kyoga, crossing River Mpologoma.

For this reason, all the tribes that settled along the shores of Kyoga like; Baluli, Bakenye, and Balamogi have a similar language to Lugwere.

Their initial area of settlement has shrunk considerably as the Iteso and the Bagisu have pushed the Bagwere’s frontiers inwards.

The language of the Bagwere is Lugwere.

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