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Be Aware of Selfish Politicians- Bobi Wine Warns Acholi Youths



Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobiwine has cautioned the young people in Northern Uganda to be ware of the selfish leaders that never look out for their people but rather aim at satisfying their own desires

A hand full from the majority, and oftenly hand picked Bobiwine described these leaders as those that are supported by government with the soul aim of creating an irony of unity for all

Kyagulanyi notes that these are gagged with luxury and riches that they can never look back to the oppressed but rather claim representative of the Acholi land due to their blindness in wealth.

” The dictator picks afew from among you and fills their stamachs with luxury that they can’t afford to look back or are even blind to see that they’re not the only Acholis like they say, however a good leader never seeks to be better than his people but rather be better with his people” Bobiwine emphasized

Kyagulanyi who was attending the burial ceremony of a former Omoro County National Unity Platform party candidate, lost to National Resistance Movement, late Toolit Simon Akecha during the weekend could help but also stress that for many years the ruling government has used the tactic of selecting reputable people not only from the central but also from the northern region to not only brain wash  but also hold the oppressed into capitivity.

This he said through divide and rule, the regime dag a big trech between the oppressed l, with each one fight on the end rather than coming together to fight the oppressor

” History recalls that the Acholi land has ever been glorious, however it has as well be worse than it is today if you Acholi people continue to look on, he cautioned 

Adding that the decision to revive their former glory was now in their lands and that no body was coming to their rescue but them selves

This he said was a risk he would take since his freedom of speech has been subotage and that Olits funeral was a golden opportunity not only to share the achievements of the late but also talk about the bad governance which he said wouldve been a favor returned.

On 8th this month, Toolit  got some health complications where he was rushed to lacor hospital in Gulu and after some days  to ICU where he was later announced dead. The hospital report later revealed that the Honorable died of hypertension  following a successful autograft surgery in Kumu Hospital in August last year.

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