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Another LGBT den busted


KAMPALA. Earlier this morning, police, together with other security operatives, raided one pharmacy in Zanna along Entebbe road after an anonymous tip from a concerned citizen that it was an LGBT pharmacy.

Asu-Ban Pharmacy and Clinic has been treating and hiding gays and lesbians in plain sight. Residents who witnessed the raid said that most of the workers in this place were seen running away a few minutes before police arrived.

A few were arrested alongside the patients who were unaware of the situation.

The residents were still in shock after realizing that the people they have been interacting with as friends, starting from administrators and nurses down to the cleaners at this pharmacy are gay.

Brenda Nansove, a renowned city nurse for rehabilitating LGBT persons under the disguise of Fistula, who survived the lynch, last month from Mbale town, was also last seen yesterday entering this pharmacy.

Faridah Namuyomba and Namutebi Jackline, who were receiving the patients, rumor has it that they were actually the main key contact personnel in receiving and recruiting teenagers into the LGBT community.

It’s believed that all supplies for gays were free inside this pharmacy, and it’s just a branch of many others pharmacies like this one around Kampala.

It’s not clear if the owner of this pharmacy, Abubaker Kaluma, was arrested since the police refuse to comment on.

But again, the police urge all parents to know the movements of their children, especially during long holidays, otherwise, they might be victimized by such people.

Pastor Male, as usual, came out on this incident, and in his words, he said, “I have always warned you about these people infiltrating us and spoiling our children.”

He continued to say that the owner of this pharmacy, A. Kalama has been coming up on many gay lists published since 2010, and he always vanishes.

He also added that some of these people are protected by some government officials who gain from them.

Uganda criminalizes homosexuality like the majority of African countries; it’s a curse and a deviance from normal African traditions.

Most societies consider this un-African and a western import to reduce the African population.

The antigay campaign in Uganda has further been fueled by different antigay religious leaders who confirm that LGBT people are a force against nature and religious values.

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