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39 Girls Were Defiled Everyday in 2021-Police Report


An average of 39 girls (female juveniles) representing close to 98% were defiled every day as compared to one boy (2%) who faced the same, the annual police crime report has revealed.

The Report that was launched by Martin Okoth Ochola the Inspector General of Police at the police headquarters yesterday indicated that a total of 14,570 victims were defiled in 2021, of whom 14,226 (97.6%) were female juveniles and 344 (2.3%) were male juveniles.
Ochola told reporters that this was mainly due to lockdown factors that saw school-going children at home.

“Closure of schools for about 20 months during the lockdown to help curb the spread to Covid-19 thus exposing several children to sexual violence, adolescent age where many young girls are taken advantage of, and some of the girls were defiled in the process of doing domestic chores like collecting water and firewood especially when they are sent alone,” he said

281 children, he said were defiled by suspects who were HIV positive, followed by 112 children who were defiled by their guardians and 107 children.

“A total of 14,436 cases of Defilement were reported to Police compared to 14,134 cases reported in 2020, marking an increase of 2.1%. Of the cases reported in 2021, 3,783 were Aggravated Defilement,” he said

By the end of the year, Ochola said 6,191 cases were taken to Court, of which 939 cases secured convictions, 24 cases were acquitted, 174 cases were dismissed and 5,054 cases were still pending in Court.

“A total of 5,009 cases were still under investigations A total of 6,320 suspects of defilement were arrested and charged to court, out of whom, 856 were convicted, 18 were acquitted, 201 were discharged while 5,245 were still awaiting trial in the period under review,” he said

“3,783 cases of aggravated defilement were reported to Police compared to 3,721 cases reported in 2020, showing a 1.6% increase,” he added

By region, the Report indicates that Albertine registered the highest number of cases of defilement, followed by Rwizi and Greater Masaka.

“The regions that registered the lowest number of aggravated defilement cases in 2021 include Sipi with 29 cases, Bukedi North with 30 cases, Kidepo with 32 cases, Mt. Moroto with 39 cases, and Kiira with 41 cases,” it reads.

By District/Divisional Performance, Mukono Division registered the highest number of defilement cases in 2021, followed by Luwero District, Mubende, and Masaka.

The same Report indicated that 1,486 cases of rape were registered in 2021 compared to 1,519 cases reported in 2020, showing a decrease of 2.1%.

667 suspects of rape were charged in Court, of whom, 25 were convicted, 02 were acquitted, 06 were discharged and 634 were still awaiting trial, according to the report.

“Regional Performance KMP North registered the highest number of cases of rape, followed by KMP East Rwizi and Aswa. Regions with the least cases of Rape were Bukedi North with 08 cases, followed by Rwenzori East with 10 cases, Kidepo with 14 cases, Kiira with 17 cases, Busoga North with 22 cases, and Greater Bushenyi with 28 cases,” the Report says

By District/Divisional Performance, again Mukono Division registered the highest number of rape cases in 2021 with 41 cases, followed by Kawempe Division, Mbarara, and Tororo while Amuru and Masaka trailed with 23 cases each.

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