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Among should first fire Ministers snubbing sittings for years


The Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga has said the Speaker of Parliament Ms Anitah Among should consider firing the Education Minister Ms Janet Museveni, her Internal Affairs counterpart Mr Kahinda Otafiire among other ministers who have missed the sittings for years before threatening them (opposition).

Mpuuga who insisted that they will not return to plenary sittings of the House unless an explanation regarding the whereabouts of missing persons is provided by government, said Among shoukd not threaten them.

These remarks come just a few days after Speaker of Parliament Anita Among Annet told the House that absentia from plenary sittings for fifteen consecutive times could lead to unimaginable consequences as provided for in both the Constitution and the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure.

It is not clear if the Communication was targeting the opposition MPs that have boycotted plenary since early October 2023. But irrespective of who it targeted Mpuuga encoded his way.

“You heard the Speaker’s Communication, we have also made our communication that they have up to next week to respond”, Says Mpuuga.

The LOP adds that: “The 30 days given to them lapse on Sunday and they have the latitude of next week to make a response”.

The ultimatum comes in the wake of reported increased brutality of security forces that opposition figures in the country are said to subjected to, to the extent of some disappearing without trace.

Mpuuga says the Speakers Communication must be targeting absentee MPs whose names he mentions adding that the Opposition is out on valid reasons.

This is why he says the opposition has since October opted to boycott parliamentary sittings demanding an explanation from the government.

It is for more of such reasons that all opposition Legislators are required to join the boycott unless they opt out of the Opposition Platform.

He says as long as they claim to be in opposition and the opposition parties take a position, it remains binding.

Mpuuga is however quick to remind journalists who he was addressing at Parliament that some particular political parties from the opposition platform work with the ruling [NRM] Party.

“So I won’t be surprised if some of them are cajoled to join the ruling party in undermining the joint position of the opposition”, Mpuuga says.

Mpuuga adds that: It is up to them to tell the world that the demands we are making are illegitimate and therefore a waste of time; I cannot speak for them”.

He however insists that whoever claims to be in opposition is bound by the position taken by the opposition.

Remarks on Media

Mpuuga has also taken time to explain his recent remarks on media coverage of opposition boycott of Parliamentary sittings.

He says they were not targeted at Uganda Parliamentary Press Association – a body that brings journalists covering Parliament together.

The remarks attributed to him indicated that he had undermined journalists under the UPPA Umbrella which prompted the association to demand an apology and clarification from him.

In the Statement by the UPPA Secretary General Apollo Tusiime, the LOP was required to issue an apology to Parliamentary journalists for the unfortunate claim which they said put their integrity into disrepute, failure of which they said the consequences would be dire.

Addressing journalists at Parliament on Friday, Mpuuga said his communication was misconstrued to mean UPPA.

“When I say some sections of the media, do I mean UPPA; is that what was construed to mean UPPA”, Mpuuga questions as he calls for media sensitivity in reporting Opposition boycott.

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