Home News All corrupt local government staff to be interdicted in the new directive

All corrupt local government staff to be interdicted in the new directive


Mr Alex B Okello, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Ethics and Integrity on Monday 29 directed all local governments to interdict all staff implicated in corruption-related issues.

The directive comes fourth having expressed fears of how the business will continue to run as usual despite the interdiction of the staff majority of whom have been implicated in the scandals.

This his statement, Gulu City Mayor Alfred Okwonga revealed that all his heads of departments were implicated in corruption-related scandals and that if held at once there would be crippling the service delivery
However, Permanent Secretary advised that the leadership reaction will signal a commitment to fight against corruption and thus the exercise commenced
The decision was during his engagement with members of the media from Lango and Acholi sub-regions in Gulu City where the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity started a month-long assessment implementation of the Zero Tolerance to Corruption policy.
The recent report by the inspector general in March 2023, revealed how local government leaders were among the highest numbers of staff who failed to declare their wealth as required by law.
This among others was regarded among the factors that embedded corruption since the government can not trace the accumulation of public officers’ wealth and can only on the breach of Section 4 of the Local Council Act.

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