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ANT’s Alice Alaso Snubs Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s Teso Chapter Birthday Invite


Alice Alaso Asianut, the national coordinator of the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) has directly snubbed an invite that was sent to her to attend the Teso Region Birthday Celebrations for the Commander of the Lands Forces, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Following his successful birthday celebration in Kampala on April 24, organizers of Gen Muhoozi’s birthday have since organized football matches and concerts all over the world to mark his day. These include MD among others the match between UPDF and Members of Parliament, Rukungiri Stadium show among others.

In the same development, Margaret Amoriot one of the organizers for the Teso Chapter texted Alaso via WhatsApp seeking her presence during the day.

Can I please add you to the above forum? Am Amorioit Margaret We are trying to organize the football tournament to celebrate MK’s birthday in Teso. But if you need to be represented it’s welcome Hon and your contribution to the initial stages is highly appreciated. Thank you so much,”

Alaso in response reminded Amoriot that they can do more than this .

I hold a very strong view that the birthday celebration is not an innocent thing as you want to portray. I don’t agree with the path the birthday is chatting for the country. I don’t agree with the use of badly needed tax money and human resources to celebrate a birthday of a serving General,” she said,

In Teso where I come from, next to Soroti sports ground which is likely to be your venue, lies the Soroti regional referral hospital which cannot offer even Panadol to its massive number of patients. The children’s ward is so parked that some patients sleep in the corridors verandahs and under the beds. The emergency wing is a prefabricated container. The theatre is an old structure not fit to serve even as a hospital kitchen anymore. There is where brave Medical staff work day and night to save lives. In that celebration alone you are likely to use money enough to build a new theatre structure,”

Alaso further noted that in Kapelebyong and Katakwi and Amuria her people the Iteso are undefended and attacked by raiders and UPDF deployment is scanty…you will see how many will be there for the celebration compared to the less than 1000 deployed at the affected areas…an abuse of our Army and Uniform

Many of our Youth in Teso are unemployed, unlike you dear Magret lacking food and looking impoverished you will see them as they come to grab some pillao during the MK’s celebration…watch them closely they are hungry and poor. In Lugogo MK said they need to play sports and enjoy entertainment. I assure you that prescription is very wrong,”

Unfortunately for us, commodity prices have skyrocketed so even soap is now a big problem…we may come not smelling fresh. So dear Margret please understand that while I appreciate the invitation and while I wish Gen MK the happiest national and regional birthday celebrations my heart bleeds for the country,” she added

Alaso asked Amoriot to Please tell Gen Muhoozi that she (Alaso) is unable to feel joyful in the face of too much suffering and also that if I came she would be reminded of the painful and traumatic experiences her supporters and she was subjected to by the Army in the 2016 election because she knows the World moves on but pain and trauma take a long time to heal.

Lastly tell GEN MK as part of my birthday wishes to him to accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. Because each one will be held accountable for the things they do now and in the future,”

The bible also says when the wicked rule the people groan and that there is no peace for the wicked says the LORD. This is not to say he is wicked NO…It seems from scripture that this word is used to mean all small and big sinners whose ways are not right with God,”

But of course somebody desirous of great things like him, I assume he is positioning ought to be in right standing with GOD at a very personal level. Lastly Margret, please take time and reflect on the present state and direction of the country. As a Ugandan is this what you want to perpetuate?

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