Akena Welcomes Court Dismissal of Application Challenging his Presidency


Jimmy James Akena, the president of the Uganda People’s Congress UPC has welcomed the Court dismal of the petition that was filed by a rival faction, challenging his re-election as the party president

On Tuesday, September 14, the Court of Appeal delivered its ruling and DISMISSED the application that had been filed by Prof. Edward Kalongs, challenging Akena’s presidency.

The Application was dismissed for want of prosecution citing continued waste of court’s time as quoted,

We see no reason to continue wasting Court’s time and hereby exercise the discretion of this court under Rule 2(2) of the Rules of Court to dismiss this Application for want of prosecution. In dismissing this Application, we have acted pursuant to the inherent powers granted to this Court under the said provision, to prevent abuse of the Court process. The application, therefore, stands dismissed with no order as to costs,” reads part of the petition


On September 7, 2020, the Court of Appeal dismissed the petition that had been filed by the rival faction led by Peter Walubiri, challenging Akena’s presidency in 2015, after the expiration of the term of office of the year 2015 – June 2020.

The new elections of the Party President were held in the Delegates Conference at Kasangati Resort Centre Hotel on August 1, 2020, where Akena re-emerged as the president.

Prof. Edward Kakonge filed a contempt of court application in Court against Akena on August 11, 2020, stating that;

  1. Convening, presiding over and participating in a delegate’s conference of Uganda Peoples Congress on 1st August, 2020 and the applicant claimed this was in contempt of court.
  2. Declared that any resolution and decision taken at the Delegates Conference including the election of the Party President should be null and void.
  3. Declared that all actions done by the Party President after the Delegates’ Conference in the capacity of the Party President of UPC including appointment of Party Cabinet members should be null and void.
  4. Sought for the Party President to be committed to civil prison for a period of one year for allegedly acting in contempt of the court order.
  5. Prof. Kakonge further wanted the us to pay damages and/or compensation to him a sum of UGX 300,000,000 (Three hundred million shillings) for contempt of Court order

Since then, that application has been pending and awaiting a final decision by Court,” Akena said.

Akena said that the dismissal means that all decisions taken at the Kasangati 1st August 2020 Party Delegates Conference stand.

On behalf of Uganda Peoples Congress and my own behalf, I welcome this ruling and congratulate UPC members upon this achievement as we continue to focus on rebuilding our Party from the grassroots! The Party belongs to members. Their will, decisions, and mandate through relevant Party Organs is paramount and should be respected! I, therefore, want to reassure you, party members that I will protect that mandate you gave me within my capacity as Party President and we move the Party forward,” he said, adding,

Now we need to come together in the spirit of reconciliation, unity and work for the Party at this material time where concerted efforts are most needed,”

Akena called upon all Regional Vice-Chairpersons, District/Branch Party leaders and all members to now concentrate and focus on working for the common good of the Party, which is but not limited to mobilization and recruitment of young peoples/new members in the Party within our respective branches as well as being active in one’s branch.

The physical Party activities have been cut short by the lockdown and covid-19 measures that are purposely to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The Party will continue to operate under the provided guidelines until the restrictions are fully lifted in the country,” he said.

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