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African youth ambassador roots for continued cultural relations with Iran


Mr Isah Katungulu Luyimbazi the African Youth Ambassador of the World African Diaspora Union (WADU) has pledged continued cultural relations between the people of Uganda, especially youths with Iranians.

Mr Luyimbazi said the two countries continue to share synergies on strengthening their culture which in turn is uplifting the lives of their masses.

To speak this, he had paid a courtesy visit to the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization of Iran (ICRO) on Wednesday.

At the ICRO, Mr Luyimbazi who addressed delegates was welcomed by the head of Southern and Eastern Africa, Mr Muhammad Ghezelsofla, and Mr. Reza Jafari, the head of Uganda desk in Tehran.

He appreciated the government and people of Iran for their working relationship with African countries in the fields of cultural exchange, and tourism, among others.

He noted that Africa will continue to build friendships with like-minded countries across the globe to push for cultural stability and champion for free trade and investment so as to accelerate the transformation of our continent.

He commended the government and people of Iran through their charismatic leadership for working closely with African countries through cultural diplomacy.

Luyimbazi is in Iran after leading a delegation of farmers and traders who attended the just concluded Iran Agrifoof exhibition which ran between June 17 and 20.

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