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Africa Caribbean Achievers Summit presents opportunities for entrepreneurs, increased global trade, says Wealth Masters Group Boss


Barely two months before holding the Africa Caribbean Achievers Summit-the first ever trade and business gathering of some of the most influential entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business owners from Africa and Caribbean regions, we had an opportunity to meet with Dr. Benjamin Acheampong, the Chief Executive Officer of The Wealth Masters Group and President of the Organisation Committee to tell us more about the Event.

Mr. Acheampong, can you tell us more about yourself and your organization Wealth Masters Group

I am the Chief Executive Officer of The Wealth Masters Group, an esteemed provider of premier business solutions and capacity development services on a global scale. Our expertise lies in assisting both private and governmental entities in enhancing their capabilities and operational efficiency to fully exploit their potential. In addition, our suite of business solutions extends to individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations, and start-ups, among other entities. Our team organizes conferences as part of our strategy, and I would like to take the opportunity to present a succinct overview of our forthcoming conference, namely The Africa Caribbean Achievers Summit (ACAS).

The Africa and Caribbean Achievers Summit is an unparalleled 2-day gathering that will showcase some of the most influential entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business owners from Africa and the Caribbean. They will share and discuss key strategies, processes, innovative ideas, skill sets, and funding opportunities that have contributed to their success.

For those prepared to elevate their businesses to unprecedented heights, glean insights from industry exemplars, and forge connections with like-minded entrepreneurs and investors from Africa and the Caribbean, this event presents an invaluable opportunity.

Kindly mark your calendars for the scheduled dates of March 4th to 5th, 2024, with sessions running daily from 1 PM to 6 PM BST. To secure your attendance, please visit http://www.acachievers.org/ for the requisite registration process.

What makes ACAS unique and how can it help to achieve growth in business and trade among the two regions?

ACAS stands out as an unprecedented 2-day gathering, featuring influential entrepreneurs from Africa and the Caribbean. Unique in its approach, ACAS provides a platform for sharing key strategies, innovative ideas, and funding opportunities. Attendees can leverage this insight to elevate their businesses, fostering networking and collaboration. ACAS contributes to regional growth by facilitating knowledge exchange, skill enhancement, and the establishment of valuable connections, promoting increased trade and business development between Africa and the Caribbean.

How can the AfCTA capitalize ACAS deliberations when looking at the current continental trade trend?

The Africa and Caribbean Achievers Summit (ACAS) provides a unique platform for powerhouse entrepreneurs to share key strategies and innovations. As the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) aims to boost intra-Africa trade, insights from ACAS can enhance business practices and collaboration. ACAS discussions can align with AfCFTA objectives, fostering connections that contribute to the current continental trade trend. By leveraging the knowledge exchanged at ACAS, businesses can actively participate in and benefit from the evolving trade landscape.

In your opinion, how can ACAS help to solve the Odds of African Current Trade situation?

The Africa Caribbean Achievers Summit (ACAS) addresses the challenges in African trade by showcasing successful entrepreneurs and their strategies. Through the exchange of key insights, innovative ideas, and funding opportunities, ACAS equips businesses to navigate and thrive in the current trade landscape. By fostering connections among like-minded entrepreneurs, ACAS contributes to overcoming odds and propelling growth in African trade

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