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‘A Tracker that Can Help Couples Monitor Each Other’s Vehicle, Recover Stolen Ones, Launched’

(L-R) Allan Tayebwa the Managing Director of RTT, Social Media Guru Martha K, Koni the Marketing Advisor of RTT, and the Marketing Manager of Orxy Lugogo pose for a photo during the launch

A vehicle tracker that can help couples monitor each other’s vehicles at ease has been launched today.

Dubbed Realtime Tracking (RTT), the tracker was launched by RTT Uganda and has numerous features which also help in informing the car owner where his vehicle is in real-time.

“You can also know the exact fuel that has been put into your vehicle with the help of this system,” Allan Tayebwa, Managing Director said during the launch.

These services, he said are targeted toward vehicle and motorbike owners as well as commercial fleet businesses.

Realtime Tracking, is one of the fastest growing tracking companies in Uganda, offers European fleet management products from Gurtam, Wialon, Uniguard Technologies, and Xirgo Global with robust hybrid devices equipped with high-end GPS/GSM technology, anti-jamming functionality, and backup solutions.

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Allan Tayebwa, Managing Director speaking during the launch

The devices work under automated systems; remotely and efficiently.

“RTT was birthed out of the philosophy that the things you value the most, must be protected. Your vehicle or boda boda isn’t just an asset it is the bridge that takes you from one stage in life to another. Your loved one deserves the most protection you can give them each day they leave the house. When you sign up with RTT, the first minute

of each day that your vehicle or boda boda is on the road, we are monitoring it to respond against any eventuality,” Tayebwa said

The launch of Realtime Tracking comes at a time when Uganda is experiencing an increase in vehicle theft; with an average of five cars stolen every day.

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The 2021 Police Report for example indicated that 1000 cars were stolen but 245 were recovered.

Tayebwa said that in addition, 2022 has seen an unprecedented increase in the costs of doing business

compounded by a slowing global economy, record high fuel prices, and high domestic inflation.

As such businesses are under pressure to reduce operational costs so as to remain profitable.

Koni, Tayebwa, and Oryx marketing manager during the launch

With RTT, he said that the use of data to improve business efficiencies provides a welcome break for businesses battling to stay the course amidst the tough economic environment.

In a market where a quick response to the crisis is a pain point, the novel approach

Realtime Tracking brings will give a fresh boost to the safety and security of vehicles in Uganda.

“To our fleet managers, we have good news for you. RTT believes that what gets

measured gets done. RTT has got all the data which a manager needs to compile the  reports that will enable them to reduce on costs,” Lungi Koni Marketing Manager Of RTT said.

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“Fuel management, insurance, vehicle maintenance, the lists of costs your fleet

can incur will go on and on. Your fleet is a business venture, and you want it to turn a

profit. Even if you already turn a profit, increasing that margin can only be good for

you, your business, and your drivers,”

RTT enters into the market with a promise to focus on customer satisfaction by offering solutions to suit customers’ evolving needs.

Some of the guests who graced the launch
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Because the safety of any moving asset is very important, vehicle tracking is the best bet to ensure that the owner stays in control.

The ability to know where what time, and how one’s asset is performing can make the difference between turning a profit and suffering a loss.

In this sense, therefore, a company like RTT is the insurance against vehicle, income, or job loss. Internationally acclaimed technology, 24-hour accessibility, and innovation have been the foundation of RTT’s success in other markets and it is this same excellence that RTT brings to Uganda.

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