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Journalists Call for Ensured Protection of Their Rights


A section of journalists in Kampala has called upon authorities to ensure that they are protected both physically and financially.

These said that there is a need for ensuring the protection and safety of the press in the face of attacks against its independence, to discuss journalistic ethics, and celebrate journalists who gave their lives in the pursuit of truth.

As we commemorate the 2022 World Press Freedom Day, independent members of the press in Uganda who advocate for Press Freedom have come together to call stakeholders and Ugandans to protect journalism and journalists at a time when the future of Journalism feels uncertain,Abubaker Lubowa from Daily Monitor said

Speaking at a press conference, Gabriel Buule, another journalist from Daily Monitor said that the safety of journalists in Uganda is continuing to be at stake with many journalists getting subjected to intimidation and violence by security forces and politically connected persons.

We sadly inform the public that as we continue to advocate for our freedom, a section of our members are deprived of their right remuneration or earnings,” he said

Much as the 2006 Employment Act requires an employer to make timely payment of remuneration to the employees, most journalists don’t get paid and some take long to be paid,”

They said that it is sad that the perpetrators are politicians, (Most) pastors, religious groups, and city tycoons who own media outlets.

We call upon all journalists to ask their employers to subject them to clear and fair contracts. We will also continue to sue, name, and shame the perpetrators.

We also ask security organs, politicians, and individuals to stop subjecting journalists to Violence,”
The day was commemorated under the theme: “Journalism under digital siege”, “we suggest that the immediate solution for Uganda should be; cutting costs of internet data to help journalists to fight misinformation by breaking verified news in real-time. We also ask the government to reopen Facebook which is a viable source of information for journalists in the digital age,” Buule said

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