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75000 Ugandans Staying in UAE Illegally-Report


75000, out of over 100,000 Ugandans are staying in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) illegally, an independent report by the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration has revealed 

The Report revealed that these were were trafficked and therefore risk being deported for being illegal migrants.

Simon Peter Mundeyi, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told reporters on Monday that these Ugandans have for years been trafficked over the years by money-minded individuals and as a result, they have been piled in illegal houses in UAE where, they are, once in while, picked by agents to do odd jobs for days’ survival.

According to Mundeyi, there are many fraudulent companies trafficking Ugandans and the victims never bothered to crosscheck with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development which registers and licenses labour exporters.

Mundeyi further stated that UAE had also paid for the air tickets for their repatriation. When a person illegally stays in any foreign country, he or she is supposed to first pay a fine for each day unlawfully spent in that nation. In Uganda, illegal foreigners pay $20 per day.

The National Unity Platform party have for over a month now embarked on the battle of returning these Ugandans who have continuously been subjected to torture and illegal arrests.

“These are still hundreds of Ugandans stuck in detention, while others are on the streets in the Middle East. Let’s continue doing whatever we can to speak about their plight but also assist them in every way possible to return home,” said Kyagulanyi.

By the close of last week, NUP members and other well-wishers had paid tickets and returned over 40 Ugandans. On Saturday, the government of UAE in conjunction with Uganda’s Foreign and Internal Affairs ministries returned 156 Ugandans.

“156 Ugandans have returned from UAE where they were staying illegally without working Visas. They had overlived their visit or work Visas. Others were lured by employment companies but they were going to get jobs,” Mundeyi said.

The government said UAE had pardoned over 1500 Ugandans for illegally staying and they were set to be brought back in phases.

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