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Raja shooting : Wabwire had been deployed CCTV monitoring center-police

Police Constable Ivan Wabwire who shot and killed an Indian money lender had been deployed at CCTV monitoring center, Police has revealed. 

Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said in a statement that the suspect was sharing a room with his colleague due to limited accommodation facilities. 

“On 12 May 23 his housemate had worked at night, and didn’t return the gun to the armoury instead he went with it to their house and shortly, he got a call that his child was sick, he rushed to go and check on the child leaving the gun behind,” he said 

“The suspect Wabwire took that advantage, got the gun and went and misused it by shooting Uttam. His roommate who signed for the gun PC Mulambo Steven has been arrested and detained at Kireka,” he added. 

The retrieved the CCTV footages from the room, he said clearly shows how the suspect 67029 PC Wabwire shot the victim Uttam Bhandari. 

” The footage also shows what transpired at the crime scene before the shooting incident, this will be very useful evidence during trial.

The suspect is still on the run but a team has been setup to track him,” 

The Detectives who visited the scene on 12 May 23, recovered 13 cartridges from the scene.

“Due to the suspect’s medical conditions, Police management at CPS Kampala had taken a decision about six (6) years ago NOT TO ARM the suspect with a gun and they have been deploying him in beats that doesn’t require him to be armed,” he said  

Police, he said are continuing with the investigation of murder by shooting that happened at Rajja Chambers along Parliamentary avenue in Kampala.

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