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𝐌bale: RCC’s Office Burnt by Unknown Assailants


Police in Mbale City is investigating the circumstances under which the office of the Resident City Commissioner (RCC) was burnt a yet to be identified people on Monday.

Mr. Rogers Taitika, the Elgon region police spokesperson confirmed the incident that the preliminarily findings indicate that unknown people broke the windows of the office and set it on fire but not the allegations of electricity as reported earlier.

Taitika said, immediately after getting this information we cordoned the crime scene and started collecting evidence.

“According to RCC, many important documents have been reduced to ashes.” Rogers said.

He informed that, As police they introduced the Dog to follow up the suspect and they are also going to use the CCTV cameras connected on the building to trace the suspects and if found be brought to book.

“Our team is conducting further investigations to ascertain the intention of the arsonist,” Mr Taitika said.

The Mbale City Resident Commissioner (RCC), Mr Rex John Achilla narrated that it was this morning at around 10AM, when he came to work on some documents in the office but to be welcomed by the smoke.

Achilla noted that he called the RPC and they saw one window broken and pushed inside, then he knew this is a Sabotage or some malice.

He said that fire burnt important office documents, two office tables, chairs, files for the NGOs and his quarterly report he was working on among other properties.

“Since my transfer from Kumi district, its now four weeks, but i can’t blame any resident in Mbale city, the community has been so good and friendly to me, i found welcoming people so i don’t suspect this from an outsider” Adding that they can’t do something wrong to me. Rex said.

“Am giving police a chance to carry out the investigations and give us a report but since this happened only in my office anybody who is reasonable enough can easily know that this was caused by an insider.” Rex said.

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